Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Viking Red Georgian Glass Tumblers - Ancestral Dreams

Milcah`s Dream: "I was back at the Red Victorian Historic Hotel in San Francisco, but it was now located in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado and the S.F. trolley was running on the mountain sides. I went inside where the guests were from another era - the original 19th c. visitors from when the hotel opened. They were dressed in the formal wear of that time and in a celebratory mood. I asked a man in a tuxedo how to get back to my own time, he replied that I needed to go through "The Organ Room". This referred to the Salt Lake City Grand Organ in the Tabernacle. I entered that space where it was full of red glass candlesticks." The style of the Red Victorian is also prominent in Colorado where the dreamer resides which could be the connection. The red glass candlesticks and the guests from the past remind me of the glassware of her grandmothers` mother which is a clue to the identity of the spirit of the dream. A second dream: We were being given "teleportation devices" and were learning how to work with them. In the next room a figure appeared as a form of static crackling energy - we could hear it. Upon closer examination, I saw that the figure made of visible energy was myself". An earlier significant dream - Milcah: "We were up in the mountains except there was a high cliff and the ocean way below. I was able to create small orbs from the water and bring them up, one of them dropped next to (the girl) Brittany and splashed down beside her. I put some of the small water orbs into a double cup shaped like an hourglass. With a view of the water, I saw a small chest covered and made from rock that had a shelf within it upon which lay 3 jeweled daggers w/ blue and green gems on them, 2 on each handle. They had different blades, I picked up the one with a double edged jagged blade. Then I was way up in the air and I could see down to the bottom of the ocean, there were mountain ranges underneath the water. I could see all of the layers of water from a very high altitude." [The small water orbs (of salt water) that she made herself could represent her tears. The jeweled daggers symbolized the costly instruments used on her during her heart valve surgery, the jagged one she lifted up was the bone saw. The altitude and depth was her anesthetic - very high means just that - high - and the depths also - out, unconscious, very deep.] A previous dream - Milcah: "I had a long pole that had lenses attached to it in different places that was for looking at the stars, actually it was for measuring the distance between the stars. The people who studied this I called "The Star People" - their studies of astronomy changed them and their faces shined." This instrument is similar to the one invented by the ancient Greek astronomer Hipparchus who discovered the Precession of the Equinoxes. ET star maps are more concerned with the distances between the stars for travel purposes than the location of the stars. Dreamologist Marlene King is interested in the use of the implements in Milcah`s dreams, ie. the pole with the lenses, the jeweled daggers, and the teleportation devices.

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