Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Men in Black - a Photo!

That is scary, Jill! How did you come across this? YES!!! Looks exactly like Lev that I encountered as a kid (1953 or 54). Hard to look at as it brought up that memory instantly --- Yikes! M. Men in black photo from Niagra Falls, they were caught on the door cam. The above note is from Marlene who saw one as a kid, I wrote an article about it. They were there after a UFO sighting, they are known for harassing UFO witnesses. A Childhood Encounter with a Man in Black (M.I.B.) - Latest UFO News ... (lots of illustrations). Nov 4, 2011 - We even met one of the Men in Black on one occasion, actually on two occasions - his name was “Lev”. He wore a heavy black double ... (The M.I.B. in this photo who reminded Marlene of Lev is the taller one). "Hi, Jill: Yes, my parents were all caught up in the saucer mania of the day...what I do know is my dad had a friend (Charlie Artz) who was rigging electronics to "field" spaceships. I spent many a night accompanying my folks to the gathering where they (there were other men there, too) looked at this TV equipped with the special antennae and black boxes....they all worked for Hughes Aircraft. Anyway, it was their INTENT to contact space beings and it seems Lev appeared as a result of their activities. I remember seeing the screen that had what looked like "electronic snow" on it but they thought it was some sort of contact static. My mom and I hung out with the wife and his daughter Jackie who enamored me as she was studying stage make up...probably was in in some sort of beauty school program. Weirdness was the norm for me - I got it early in life! M." "I met Lev at a realty company on an outside porch ... It was on Sepulveda Blvd. in Manhattan Beach and not far from LAX...My dad seemed to know he was going to be there so it was a prearranged meeting I think. As I said, I went everywhere my parents went so that was the norm in my world."