Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tecumseh the Shawnee Prophet and his descendant Link Wray

When Tecumseh was just 6 years old his beloved father, Puckeshinwau, would be killed at the Battle of Kanawha River, in 1774 Ohio. Mortally wounded by white men, he would die in the arms of his wife, Metheotashe, with Tecumseh by his side. Link Wray descendant of the Shawnee prophet Tecumseh looking like an M.I.B. Link Wray, inventor of surfer reverb in Phoenix, Arizona. Link played inside of an empty water tower to get that sound.

M.I.B. in West Virginia

Le Dossier des ├ętranges Hommes en Noir MIB.

Point Pleasant, West Virginia 1966

"The Grinning Man" Indrid Cold, encounters Woodrow Derenberger the author. The Shawnee Chief, Cornstalk - in Point Pleasant they say that his murder by the army brought the curse of the Mothman to their town. The father of the Shawnee prophet Tecumseh was killed in the Battle of Kanawha River. Link Wray, the famous guitarist and inventor of surfer reverb was a descendant of Tecumseh. An actual photograph of the Mothman on the Silver Bridge before it collapsed. topic but perhaps of interest. in line with john keels research into phantom airplanes. in october of 1931 the airship AKRON was scheduled to be flying over the ohio river valley. at around 2:50 p.m. oct. 10, at least 6 reputable residents of the gallapolis-point pleasant area looked up to see a blimp/airship burst into flame and break in two about 5-6 miles south of gallipolis, that is south of point pleasant (east of current rt 2, south of crab creek road?) some of these witnesses watching thru binoculars saw what looked like parachutes opening and or water ballast being released. a ground and air search was launched, but no crash site was found. the problem with these reports was the fact that the akron did not make its flight that day and no other airships were reported missing. a newspaper archive search turns up 7 reports, none which take a skeptical tone. the akron would later crash into the atlantic ocean on april 4th 1933. so, the named local residents were witnesses to … what? a disaster that didnt happen, a glimpse into something that might have been? another strange event from the point pleasant area. those with newspaper archive access can search under “airship, crash, mystery , blimp and gallipolis or point pleasant” c. oct. 1931 Comment by p. r. gray Chief Cornstalk. "In 1777 the Indians and the American white men would again be on the verge of another bloody war. Chief Cornstalk hoped to avert the massacre of many of his people by going to Fort Randolph at the confluence of the Kanawha and the Ohio Rivers, to warn the white men of the impending trouble, and to again try to make peace. While Cornstalk, his son, Elinipsco, and several of his braves were at the fort, a party of unknown Indians attacked and killed a couple of the soldiers who were out hunting game. Tempers flared among the white soldiers, and they killed Chief Cornstalk, his son, a Delaware chief named, Red Hawk, and the other members of his peace party." The Mothman statue in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.