Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Surrogate Dream Project

Mary Magdalene in her cave - sacred France. The Rennes-le-Chateau tower. King Tut facimile. "My husband and I were booked for a tour but there was no way to verify that we had paid. We were at a rubber stamp place - the rubber stamps were as big as buildings. There was a French girl ahead of me in line who took my food and I was afraid that she`d take my wallet" - this is a dream by dreamologist Marlene King during a "Surrogate Dreamer" experiment conducted this week - I`d say it`s pretty close! - rubber stamps as passport stamps and the buildings as court bldgs. I would say that it is from a spirit (FC) who sees what is happening to you over the Egypt trip. - to KMG. From Marlene: "Anyway, I can return to other aspects of dreaming...and resuming my personal surrogate dreaming experiment/project with my friend which I intend to do starting tonight. Dreamed I was in TX last night at a HUGE rubber stamp factory (the stamps were the size of buildings) going to do a tour with Allen, but they split us up -- it was getting hot and wondered why they had to take so long to go through the process of signing us up - and there was no way to verify we'd paid for the tour etc." Marlene: "The dream had another component that I didn't include...when I was standing in line separated from Allen, there was a little French girl who reached into my purse and took my food...I had my wallet in my hands waiting to pay for the tour and thought she could have taken my money....glad I was holding my wallet...fascinating! I loved you drawing an analogy of what was going on with Kathleen and Egypt tour lady...not nice!" Kathleen: May 16, 2013 "Apparently, Dr. Carmen B. is sending out emails telling people she is suing me because I revealed publicly that she refused to refund my money for her "Magic Egypt" trip. Maybe some of-you remember when my soul mate and newlywed husband Filip died and we could not attend the trip? Now, I wonder if she can sue me for telling you all that she is suing me? I guess we'll find out!" Kathleen and Filip had given this woman a place in their "Sacred France" tour for free.

Monday, May 13, 2013

"The Membranes of Religion" Dream

In anticipation of a springtime gathering, Milcah`s "Membranes of Religion" dream: "I was at a gathering, there were many people there that I did not know and some I did know. The guests were standing in a spacious field and I noticed that they had bubbling membranes surrounding their heads. These membranes represented the world-views and religions of these people who also wore emblems of their faiths on bracelets, earrings, and hats, some wore more than one emblem. The guests were comfortable in thier enclosing membranes which guided their behaviors. I discovered that when I touched one of these membranes, it would dissolve away, so I decided to walk around touching the enclosing membranes so that they disappeared on most of the people. Some of the people did not have these membranes around them. After that, the character of the group changed and they were no longer in a large area, they had moved closer together and they looked more the same in modern style without their religipus symbols to distinguish them. They were moving towards a narrower path like a chute" (she described it as moving into the birth canal, indeed being surrounded by a membrane which gets broken is very like the birth process). "My friend was one of the ones who did not have a membrane around her head". Milcah awoke with a start wondering whether she had done the right thing by dissolving the surrounding belief membranes of the guests and she wanted to know what it meant. This dream turned out to be about the girl without the membrane around her (she studies midwifery which is very like the birth symbolism in the dream). We discussed religions and how they provide a foundation for behavior. This girl was not raised with a religion and was having trouble in her life discerning her path. She was also not protected by the laws of religion while she was growing up. I said that the law is a part of the surrounding "membrane of religion" - the laws of society and the church = and without these a seeker can be lead astray by any "guru" that comes along, which is the situation in this case. The membranes had caused the people to be more separated by plenty of space but without their membrane haloes they had a "blended religion" and were closer together. Milcah wondered whether they would be more easily manipulated without their membranes. The ones who never had halo membranes were aetheists. When she did attend the gathering, there were some Amish there who had given up their ways and were drinking too much - clearly they were functioning without their membranes. It remains to be seen whether the girl will repeat her former behavior and run away with her latest guru.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Viking Red Georgian Glass Tumblers - Ancestral Dreams

Milcah`s Dream: "I was back at the Red Victorian Historic Hotel in San Francisco, but it was now located in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado and the S.F. trolley was running on the mountain sides. I went inside where the guests were from another era - the original 19th c. visitors from when the hotel opened. They were dressed in the formal wear of that time and in a celebratory mood. I asked a man in a tuxedo how to get back to my own time, he replied that I needed to go through "The Organ Room". This referred to the Salt Lake City Grand Organ in the Tabernacle. I entered that space where it was full of red glass candlesticks." The style of the Red Victorian is also prominent in Colorado where the dreamer resides which could be the connection. The red glass candlesticks and the guests from the past remind me of the glassware of her grandmothers` mother which is a clue to the identity of the spirit of the dream. A second dream: We were being given "teleportation devices" and were learning how to work with them. In the next room a figure appeared as a form of static crackling energy - we could hear it. Upon closer examination, I saw that the figure made of visible energy was myself". An earlier significant dream - Milcah: "We were up in the mountains except there was a high cliff and the ocean way below. I was able to create small orbs from the water and bring them up, one of them dropped next to (the girl) Brittany and splashed down beside her. I put some of the small water orbs into a double cup shaped like an hourglass. With a view of the water, I saw a small chest covered and made from rock that had a shelf within it upon which lay 3 jeweled daggers w/ blue and green gems on them, 2 on each handle. They had different blades, I picked up the one with a double edged jagged blade. Then I was way up in the air and I could see down to the bottom of the ocean, there were mountain ranges underneath the water. I could see all of the layers of water from a very high altitude." [The small water orbs (of salt water) that she made herself could represent her tears. The jeweled daggers symbolized the costly instruments used on her during her heart valve surgery, the jagged one she lifted up was the bone saw. The altitude and depth was her anesthetic - very high means just that - high - and the depths also - out, unconscious, very deep.] A previous dream - Milcah: "I had a long pole that had lenses attached to it in different places that was for looking at the stars, actually it was for measuring the distance between the stars. The people who studied this I called "The Star People" - their studies of astronomy changed them and their faces shined." This instrument is similar to the one invented by the ancient Greek astronomer Hipparchus who discovered the Precession of the Equinoxes. ET star maps are more concerned with the distances between the stars for travel purposes than the location of the stars. Dreamologist Marlene King is interested in the use of the implements in Milcah`s dreams, ie. the pole with the lenses, the jeweled daggers, and the teleportation devices.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The new book by Bill Kersey delivers!

(Click on cover to enlarge). "Keys of Antiquity", the new book by adventurer and Rennes-le-Chateau archaeologist Bill Kersey, is everything that one would expect from this expert in the field. He covers codes, discoveries, apocrypha, and history from ancient times through the fall of Rome and the Visigoths, to Blanche of Castille and the Voisons at Rennes. Geometry in art and in the landscape is a key to understanding the mysteries of the Languedoc, Bill discusses this subject in detail beginning with the famous Poussin painting, he applies the Pythagorean ideal to the newly discovered younger Mona Lisa as well. The Rennes-le-Chateau parchments figure prominently in the mystery clues, and the author covers their translation by means of a complex code in detail. It is great fun to follow Bill and his friends on their arduous hikes in the tangled French countryside rain or shine - these are dedicated people! Their is an informative chapter on previous famous discoveries and maps. One of the great treasures revealed in this book is the link between Castle Cabrieres, home of opera diva Emma Calve, to Rennes-le-Chateau and the monastery of Montserrat in Spain during Templar times. A Bill Kersey book is truly and education.