Monday, May 13, 2013

"The Membranes of Religion" Dream

In anticipation of a springtime gathering, Milcah`s "Membranes of Religion" dream: "I was at a gathering, there were many people there that I did not know and some I did know. The guests were standing in a spacious field and I noticed that they had bubbling membranes surrounding their heads. These membranes represented the world-views and religions of these people who also wore emblems of their faiths on bracelets, earrings, and hats, some wore more than one emblem. The guests were comfortable in thier enclosing membranes which guided their behaviors. I discovered that when I touched one of these membranes, it would dissolve away, so I decided to walk around touching the enclosing membranes so that they disappeared on most of the people. Some of the people did not have these membranes around them. After that, the character of the group changed and they were no longer in a large area, they had moved closer together and they looked more the same in modern style without their religipus symbols to distinguish them. They were moving towards a narrower path like a chute" (she described it as moving into the birth canal, indeed being surrounded by a membrane which gets broken is very like the birth process). "My friend was one of the ones who did not have a membrane around her head". Milcah awoke with a start wondering whether she had done the right thing by dissolving the surrounding belief membranes of the guests and she wanted to know what it meant. This dream turned out to be about the girl without the membrane around her (she studies midwifery which is very like the birth symbolism in the dream). We discussed religions and how they provide a foundation for behavior. This girl was not raised with a religion and was having trouble in her life discerning her path. She was also not protected by the laws of religion while she was growing up. I said that the law is a part of the surrounding "membrane of religion" - the laws of society and the church = and without these a seeker can be lead astray by any "guru" that comes along, which is the situation in this case. The membranes had caused the people to be more separated by plenty of space but without their membrane haloes they had a "blended religion" and were closer together. Milcah wondered whether they would be more easily manipulated without their membranes. The ones who never had halo membranes were aetheists. When she did attend the gathering, there were some Amish there who had given up their ways and were drinking too much - clearly they were functioning without their membranes. It remains to be seen whether the girl will repeat her former behavior and run away with her latest guru.

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