Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Colorful Coral and Seaweed Dream - Milcah`s Latest

"We have friends in the tour business who want us to go on an exotic ocean island tour with them. In my dream I was paddling on a raft, it was hard work to make any progress in the water. Along came my lady friend in an sleek Asian teak boat gliding along. She held a wooden ball that was attached to a dowl that went under her craft and propelled it. She would touch the ball and the boat would effortlessly move through the water. I perceived at that moment that different people have different ways of doing things. Below there were a multitude of colorful seaweeds and corals, I was rather fearful of swimming there. Suddenly the husband of my friend jumped into the deep lagoon and I waited and waited for him to surface. When it seemed that he would never come up, I suddenly saw him up on the deck of the dock. it was a double decker dock and he was on the top level." The Japanses fighting fish Dream: A Japanese Crowntail Beta. "I was holding a mason jar with a lid filled with water. Inside was a purple and blue Japanese fighting fish looking at me. This fish had the face of a woman who was showing to me her many expressions." Milcah`s childhood dream: "I was standing on the land, a girl approached me in a boat talking to me. She said that her name was "Calypso from the Horizon". The accent was on the last syllable making the word "horizon" sound as if it referred to another land."