Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Surrogate Dream Project

Mary Magdalene in her cave - sacred France. The Rennes-le-Chateau tower. King Tut facimile. "My husband and I were booked for a tour but there was no way to verify that we had paid. We were at a rubber stamp place - the rubber stamps were as big as buildings. There was a French girl ahead of me in line who took my food and I was afraid that she`d take my wallet" - this is a dream by dreamologist Marlene King during a "Surrogate Dreamer" experiment conducted this week - I`d say it`s pretty close! - rubber stamps as passport stamps and the buildings as court bldgs. I would say that it is from a spirit (FC) who sees what is happening to you over the Egypt trip. - to KMG. From Marlene: "Anyway, I can return to other aspects of dreaming...and resuming my personal surrogate dreaming experiment/project with my friend which I intend to do starting tonight. Dreamed I was in TX last night at a HUGE rubber stamp factory (the stamps were the size of buildings) going to do a tour with Allen, but they split us up -- it was getting hot and wondered why they had to take so long to go through the process of signing us up - and there was no way to verify we'd paid for the tour etc." Marlene: "The dream had another component that I didn't include...when I was standing in line separated from Allen, there was a little French girl who reached into my purse and took my food...I had my wallet in my hands waiting to pay for the tour and thought she could have taken my money....glad I was holding my wallet...fascinating! I loved you drawing an analogy of what was going on with Kathleen and Egypt tour lady...not nice!" Kathleen: May 16, 2013 "Apparently, Dr. Carmen B. is sending out emails telling people she is suing me because I revealed publicly that she refused to refund my money for her "Magic Egypt" trip. Maybe some of-you remember when my soul mate and newlywed husband Filip died and we could not attend the trip? Now, I wonder if she can sue me for telling you all that she is suing me? I guess we'll find out!" Kathleen and Filip had given this woman a place in their "Sacred France" tour for free.

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