Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Viking Graffiti Runes of Orkney in Maes Howe.

Maes Howe at the winter solstice. There are runic inscriptions and drawings on all four walls of Maes Howe. " Viking graffiti inside the Maes Howe Chambered tomb on the Orkney Mainland. The graffiti itself has a familiar ring to it, being the sort of comment you would expect to find scrawled in a modern public convenience. The lettering itself is from the Younger Futhark, but a mixture of long-branch and short-twig forms. Maeshowe is the neat version of the lettering. Orkahaug is a much rougher version of the same lettering, designed to look as if it has been scratched into stone. "Orkahaug" is the Viking name for Maes Howe." The Westray stone. Maes Howe runes in silver.

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