Thursday, May 21, 2015

Stones with Altars at Maes Howe and in Izapa, Mexico

Steal 25 in Izapa Mexico, Red Macaw on a Medicine Staff. Steal 1 in Izapa Mexico - the Storm Bringer. Steal 67 from Izapa Mexico - the Diety as the Rising Sun. Altar 3 in Izapa Mexico. Takalik Abaj stela with altar, Guatemala. Maes Howe standing stones with altar. Stela 1 the Storm Bringer with altar in Izapa Mexico, compare to the twin stones pointing to Maes Howe above. Viking dragon. The Maes Howe drawing. Maes Howe was called "Orkahaugr" mound by the Vikings. The "Orkneyjar" and the "Orkneyinga Saga" tell of adventures in Orkney. Maes Howe was opened in 1861, 800 years before that, the Vikings made their runic inscriptions inside.

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