Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Wheel of Fortune

Is this the color wheel? The perfectly balanced colors of the wheel sections are accented by the pink and red of the hearts at the top. The artist has used every tone available for the frame of pegs around the circle. Each pointer triangle is a different hue and is outlined with another color. The pegs space out at the end of the rotation indicating the slowing down of the pointer until it stops and the buzzer bells go off. These bells are indicated by the circles with the spiral overlays. The layers of colors - pink over yellow and green over yellow - is a skilled technique which glows in the original fluorescent inks painted by the artist. Altogether this is a sophisticated design that demonstrates motion in the turning of the wheel and the pointer around pegs. The artist (A.B.) displays both motion and emotion with the spinning of the triangular pointer, and the Valentine heart hues of pink and red at the top which are the prize won by the player of the wheel. Even sound is portrayed when the pointer reaches the buzzer bells at the end of the rotation of the triangles. The fascination with the workings of the Wheel of Fortune shows an aptitude for engineering and design - Good Work A.B.!

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