Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Castillon Diary List of Clues Obtained on Arcadia Forum

Castillon List 1.) The discovery concerning the WWI Memorial to Rodrigo`s regiment whose remains were found in 1992. 2.) The Boscolo Hotel in Lyon, described by Rodrigo as a “bourgeois” - this hotel was not the Grand Boscolo of later years. 3.) Emma`s manager J.B. identified as Jules Bois, referred to as the “eminence grise” by Rodrigo. 4.) The discovery of Sauniere`s Masonic collar among his belongings, identified as the collar of the Grand Master of the Martinist chapter of Memphis-Mizraim Freemasonry. Don Rodrigo revealed that Sauniere and Emma Calve were Martinists when they met at San Sulpice in Paris in 1893. They recognized one another by their secret society hand gestures. 5.) The documents preserved by Patrice Chaplin and used in her initiation compare to Memphis-Mizraim Martinist doctrine, not Hebrew or Rosicrucian Cabala - this is due to the Egyptian references. 6.) Berenger Sauniere`s umbrella is seen in photographs and in an RLC mural, it is mentioned by don Rodrigo. 7.) The surveyors` equipment seen in Sauniere`s room by Rodrigo on his trip to Rennes-le-Chateau - there was a receipt for such equipment found among his belongings. Patrice Chaplin states that her guide revealed Sauniere`s “task” to be the passing on of information in symbol to those to come – does this refer to the symbolic d├ęcor in his church? 8.) Emma Calve met Rodrigo through the daughter of the chocolate manufacturer at one of her soirees. 9.) Rodrigo descended from one of the members of Elus-Cohen who was with Pasqually in Haiti when they organized the Martinist doctrine. 10.) De Sede states that we will never know exactly how Sauniere and Emma met, but thanks to Don Rodrigo, we know that they met in her Paris church where she attended mass. 11.) Patrice Chaplin mentions meeting “Raoul” digging for treasure at RLC. He was the son of the workman who discovered the original parchment that led Sauniere to the discovery of the Merovingian genealogies and other pages. Patrice wonders whether Raoul`s father was rewarded for his find. Rodrigo met his brother at RLC in 1900, the men complained bitterly that he had not been given anything for his discovery. 12). The clue from Irmine concerning the end of the diary where the pages were ripped out. He said that "R" must refer to Rilke. This led to the connection between Rilke and Louisa Salome or "Salomon", the name used by Rodrigo. Lou Salome was a counselor to don Rodrigo in his grief.

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