Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Monsoon New Year - A Poem from 2006 by MJA

Monsoon New Year: Monsoon has arrived! It is the true New Years for the people of the Desert who live at the Black Lava Hills. From the cave at Wak-i-rii where the deer are, to the place where voices come up out of the earth. Koati, coyote, and los Changos del Desierto Sonora have longed for the rains to pour down up them. Ceremonial dancers at the oasis are singing for the rain. Their headdresses of many feathers sway and call to the clouds: "May the waters flow down from the Baboquivaris to fill our Charco reservoirs, and our flood water fields." The makers of the red Saguaro fruit wine drink to bring the first summer shower. Giving thanks for the torrents over the airwaves, Broadcasting to the planets from the Waila nation. Beaming to the stars from Schooson, Arissonac, The sun-filled voices of our native D-Jays bring their humor to the night. The Rez Radio listeners are dancing and splashing in the first rain of the New Year. Across San Xavier to the tower at Gu-achi, Thunderbird arrives with the monsoon. His thunder booms a Shout-out, to the Fry-Bread crew, And greeting to the man in the round maze within the Baboquivaris. (By MJA Roe Bennett)

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