Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Oak Island Mystery

Diagram of the Oak Island shaft dig. The Templar tower of Rhode Island. The carvings of corn from the New World in Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland. Ghostly orb over Oak Island in Nova Scotia. The Sinclairs of Orkney. In 1392 Richard !! declared safe conduct for Henry Sinclair of Orkney to England: "Comes Orchadie et Dominus de Roslyne". Nova Scotia was known as "Arcadia" here called "Ochadie" after the Orkney Islands of Sinclair. Nova Scotia was their secret discovery. The Orkney Islands north of Scotland. The Orkney Islands. The Sinclair crest with sailing ships. The Priory of Sion insignia. The symbol painted on the walls of the Rennes-le-Chateau church in various forms, note the similarity to the Priory of Sion sigil. On the Priory sigil the bottom bar is replaced by a bone, a thigh bone. This is a bone from the pirate flag of the Jolly Roger known in Scottish Freemasonry. It refers to their brotherhood with "Pirates and Corsairs" and the knowledge of the lands to the west in the Americas. A Pictish warrior woman, Guinevere was a Pictish princess.

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