Monday, June 23, 2014

The Triangle Puzzle - Plantard`s Tarot

Here is something from Plantard ("The Hermeticist's Point of View" by Pierre Plantard) : "Gisors is the northernmost point of an equilateral triangle over France. The lower 2 points are Montreval-en-Brecce near the Swiss border and Jarnac near the Atlantic coast. The triangle is important because Bourges is in the center, it was important to the Priory." Plantard mentions Isis and the design and architecture of Gisors. The Nautonnier refers to the masons who sailed to their destinations in order to build. Compare to the triangle on the Fool card. Can you solve Plantard`s triangle puzzle? From Hans: "...but the shoes must have different colours (green on his left side and brown on his right side). Just as the popes throne."

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